Better Stability, Handling, Rough Water Performance
and a Smooth, Dry Ride from a scientifically engineered design.


The catamaran is one of the oldest boat designs in the world. For thousands of years, people traveled great distances across the
unpredictable Pacific in twin hulled vessels because they were extremely efficient to propel. Twin-hull designs have been
used ever since for the very same reasons. Boaters in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa have used the twin-hull design
for the past three decades to navigate and fish some of the wildest seas in the world.
Commercial ferries use the catamaran design for its greater load capacity, stability and comfort for passengers. 

More Comfortable Ride:
The catamaran offers a softer ride in rough water than a V-Shape monohull. Launching from a wave there is a parachute
effect-air is trapped between the hulls, softening the blow and minimizing spray.
Cats also turn flatter without the lean of a monohull.

Catamarans have greater stability; you don’t pivot on the centerline like a monohull. The wider footprint provides
for more deck area, deep fish boxes and maximum storage. It negates the effect of rolling seas, minimizes side-to-side listing,
and allows for greater load capacity. A shallow draft allows access where other boats can’t go.

Fuel Efficiency:
The twin-hulls of a catamaran have less water resistance than a single, wide bow, producing greater fuel efficiency
High performance using less horsepower and fuel means larger boat comfort with more cost-effective operation.


The Catamarans

Chrysovalandou Catamarans is one of
the most contemporary and safe ways
to spend your vacations in Milos island
& more widely in the Cyclades complex,
considering the countless beaches
accessible only by sea and the weather
conditions during the summer months.

Daily trips

The natural beauties of Milos island
await to be explored. Definitely visit
Arkoudes, Vani, Kalogries, Sikia and
Kleftiko or choose to participate in a
unique full day tour of the island's coastline.

Weekly Trips

From the big, fertile island of Naxos to
the tiny island of Donousa, the sea and
the light dominate all around.
Contact now our experienced sailing
team and organize together the itinerary of your dreams.