• Fresh fried smeltFresh fried smelt
  • Fresh grilled fishFresh grilled fish
  • Grilled octopusGrilled octopus
  • On board with ouzo & mezeOn board with ouzo & meze
  • Pasta with tomato sauce and octopusPasta with tomato sauce and octopus
  • Preparing a traditional fish soupPreparing a traditional fish soup
  • Roasted fishRoasted fish
  • Seafood barbaque on the beachSeafood barbaque on the beach
  • Αuthentic Mediterranean cuisineΑuthentic Mediterranean cuisine
Α variety of snacks & lunch menus are offered during a daily sailing excursion
Our guests are welcome to enjoy traditional greek snacks, meals & desserts composed only of fresh products.
All kinds of fish, octopus & squids, mussles & sea-urchins, offered in abundance by the Aegean sea,
will satisfy the requirements of seafood-lovers. Lunch is prepared from the scratch from our experienced captains,
depending on the ingredients available. Enjoy a delicious, traditional greek table during a daily cruise, full of "mezedes"
(appetizers like grilled octapus, fried kalamari or smelt) & main dishes from the mediterranean cuisine
(pasta with soupia, fish soup, variety of grilled fish).
Fill in with ouzo or wine and indulge in the kindness & human care...


The Catamarans

Chrysovalandou Catamarans is one of
the most contemporary and safe ways
to spend your vacations in Milos island
& more widely in the Cyclades complex,
considering the countless beaches
accessible only by sea and the weather
conditions during the summer months.

Daily trips

The natural beauties of Milos island
await to be explored. Definitely visit
Arkoudes, Vani, Kalogries, Sikia and
Kleftiko or choose to participate in a
unique full day tour of the island's coastline.

Weekly Trips

From the big, fertile island of Naxos to
the tiny island of Donousa, the sea and
the light dominate all around.
Contact now our experienced sailing
team and organize together the itinerary of your dreams.