Enjoy a sailing adventure with
Chrysovalandou Catamarans


If you love the sea, if you seek to escape from the everyday routine, if you long for the intense emotions in nature, if you seek to broaden your horizons, then a catamaran sailboat adventure is precisely what you want. Conventional vacationing cannot reveal all the hidden beauties of our islands. The vessel will lead you to beautiful, pristine and isolated beaches, far from the hassle of dealing with crowds. Moreover, this way of enjoying your holiday offers you a far greater level of freedom and autonomy than any other. Depending on your preferences, you can visit small, quiet islets or cosmopolitan harbors. Or, if you'd like, you can have a combination of both. For those who like fishing, a catamaran sailboat cruise is a real paradise! Fish in the middle of the archipelago and impress your friends with your fishing skills. In the final analysis, a skippered catamaran sailboat vacation cruise is the best solution for everyone. You don't give up anything compared to a conventional vacation, while at the same time you gain a lot more, like independence, intense emotions, absolute contact with and the serenity offered by the sea...

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The Catamarans

Chrysovalandou Catamarans is one of
the most contemporary and safe ways
to spend your vacations in Milos island
& more widely in the Cyclades complex,
considering the countless beaches
accessible only by sea and the weather
conditions during the summer months.

Daily trips

The natural beauties of Milos island
await to be explored. Definitely visit
Arkoudes, Vani, Kalogries, Sikia and
Kleftiko or choose to participate in a
unique full day tour of the island's coastline.

Weekly Trips

From the big, fertile island of Naxos to
the tiny island of Donousa, the sea and
the light dominate all around.
Contact now our experienced sailing
team and organize together the itinerary of your dreams.